IDC has gone on to release a new report which proceeds on to indicate that the global push for 5G smartphones will continue this year as a result of the strong 5G push as well as the pent-up demand which is of course quite apparent in its own right. As a result of both these consequences, it is expected that the market share employed by 5G devices will increase in 2021.

International Data corporation proceeds on to claim that the worldwide smartphone market will go on and grow 13.9% YoY in Q1 of this year. In a similar fashion, it has been said that the market will go on and witness a 5.5% YoY growth throughout 2021. Moreover, the research firm has also proceeded on to conclude that a 3.6% compound annual rate will be put into affect, starting from 2020 to 2025.

The report following in also proceeds on to claim that all parties that are involved, namely supply chains, OEMs, channels as well as consumers themselves, are all better prepared to face new lockdowns. This is down to the fact that these parties have actually adapted quite well to the pandemic last year. As a result of such, the market share with regards to online channels has been subject to a rise to 27% in 2020 – up from 20%.

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And hence, in accordance with what IDC has gone on to suggest, improved channel planning as well as strong pent-up demand will proceed on to help the market grow over the course of the next coming months. However, there also exists the possibility that smaller vendors may end up getting affected on a temporary basis. This is due to the fact that all vendors are on course for pushing to increase their production as a result of strong performance in the last quarter of last year and the fact that ODMs give higher priorities to larger vendors.

As has been mentioned earlier, 5G will go on and play an integral role in the growth of the global smartphones market as a whole – courtesy of the success followed in of the iPhone 12 series. IDC proceeds on to predict that 5G handsets will actually account for 40% of the entire market in 2021, and 69% of the entire market in 2025.


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