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5G to be launched in Pakistan on a new date

Despite delays, 5G is finally coming to Pakistan. First planned for December this year, it was pushed back to early 2023. Originally scheduled for June 2023, it is now expected in July 2023, says IT and Telecommunications Minister Syed Amin ul Haq.

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The IT Minister said the initiative will boost the IT industry and exports at an impressive rate by announcing the new date. University of Karachi’s Department of Computer Science organized UBIT Career Fest 2022. He added that he is confident of meeting the new deadline.

As compared with other sectors, exports from the IT sector increased significantly.

“Our IT industry has already witnessed robust growth. As compared to the other 43 ministries of Pakistan, the highest increase in exports has been registered by the IT and telecommunication sector. The exports of other ministries increased by 2 to 3% only over the last couple of years while the exports of IT and telecom jumped by 47.44% during the same period. It reflects the potential which we need to capitalize on.

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IT graduates can also take advantage of growing opportunities offered by IT companies with the help of industry and universities. A $373 million government funding round is also facilitating IT startups.

5G to be launched in Pakistan on a new date

5G is still not stable and reliable in many countries. There are still poor 5G connections in many cities in the UK, and Pakistan remains to see how the next generation of mobile networks perform. We recommend taking the July launch date lightly.


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