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6 modern yet innovative ways People are Using Whatsapp around the globe?

There is a solid cause Facebook spent a whopping $16 billion to acquire the world’s biggest instant messaging service, WhatsApp, and it’s not just because it was an excellent messaging service. The community at Facebook could have made an app like that some day of the year, as they tried to perform with Facebook Messenger, but they surely couldn’t duplicate WhatsApp’s fame.

With the passage of time, WhatsApp has to turn out to be more than just a messaging app; it’s a mode of communication for the ample. It’s become the necessity. Texting, although really cheap these days, isn’t as proficient, nor offers such a varied range of options – attachments, calls and now video calls, etc. This is the reason public have resorted to WhatsApp as the best choice.

While there are other services that present the same or even somewhat better services, there are no other services that make sure availability of the person on the other end. Apart from Facebook, WhatsApp is possibly the only other constant that everyone has (exclusive China).

This reputation has given climb to a subculture within WhatsApp. People around the planet have figured out special and innovative ways to make use of this service to its fullest. From some business groups to viral sharing of memes, from emergency health groups to teacher students group, WhatsApp is a liability for a lot more than what it primarily set out to achieve.

Let’s have a look at how Whatsapp is been used around the globe:

Buying Engagement Rings, England

“Rare Pink”, also recognized as Taylor and Hart, is a London-based startup for a diamond engagement ring. A few years ago, their sales team on a track offering its services by means of the WhatsApp messaging app. Started as just a tiny experience, now WhatsApp is in charge for about 10% of the startup’s customers.

Fighting Zika Virus, Brazil

Early 2015 witnessed a dangerous spread of Zika fever, a transmittable disease, in Brazil.

A group of doctors had met on a specialized trip to examine the eruption of chikungunya prior and had created a WhatsApp group to keep in touch. The same group was then used as a shared tool by the doctors to inspect Zika virus. WhatsApp, an improbable tool against health emergencies, bear out to be influential in the detection of the virus by doctors across the country.

Serving Students Affected by the Flood

In 2015, Chennai faced its most horrible rains in a century. This left the South Indian city in havoc, breaking off businesses and destructing properties. Many students mislaid their textbooks and notebooks in the floods. While the state government circulated 50,000 notebooks in Chennai, the college students were still left trembling over their loss of expensive textbooks.

In reaction, a private initiative was started on WhatsApp that invited students to send the names of the textbooks they required on the group. These books then supplied from across Tamil Nadu and offered to the relevant students.

Sharing the real struggle for freedom, Syrian Refugee

A 19-year-old Abdul from Syria shared his great effort for liberty as he ran away from the war-torn country. He used the messaging app as a mode to document his great journey on WhatsApp by constantly keeping in touch with BuzzFeed.

Filing a Complaint in opposition to Corrupt Government Official, India

If you live in a city Malappuram, in the state of Kerala, India. You can file an objection against a dishonest government official using WhatsApp. They have a nominated number that anyone can send videos, photos, and objections too. On the whole, their plan is to make sure privacy as well as easiness of use for everyone.

Teacher and Student Groups

A universal fact, WhatsApp has come as a lucky thing for many teachers around the world. Lots of teachers currently create WhatsApp groups for their classes to ensure that they stay in touch with their students. In fact, studies have also shown that on WhatsApp groups students are capable to better express themselves.

Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha is known by her mesmerizing talent of writing most technical stories in a brilliant informal way. She is a specialist in writing breakthroughs of Startups, Freelancing and Telecom Industry.



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