66 percent of the Indian market belongs to Chinese smartphone makers

66 percent of the Indian market belongs to Chinese smartphone makers
66 percent of the Indian market belongs to Chinese smartphone makers

The latest counterpoint research report has just revealed that the top five smartphone companies based in Indian belong to China – and they have captured a huge 66 percent market share in the previous quarter of the year.

Xiaomi has seen its market share dropped just a little bit from 31 percent in Q1 2018 to 29 percent in Q1 2019. On the contrary, Vivo has seen its market share increase significantly from just 6 percent last year to a massive 12 percent in the first quarter of this year. Realme has been doing decent in the market as well, as the company has captured a rather decent 7 percent share of the highly competitive market. Oppo has also seen its market share increase slightly to 7 percent.

Samsung has seen a hit, as the company’s smartphone shipment market share has dropped just slightly to 23 percent in the previous quarter, which is down by 3 percent YoY. The Korean manufacturer has gained some moment in the feature phone market seeing an increase from 10 percent seen in Q1 2018 to 15 percent in Q1 2019 though.Jio still remains to dominate the feature phone segment having 30 percent of market share.

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Other companies have also been doing reasonably well in the country, in particular, ASUS – thanks to its budget Zenfone series. Both Tecno and Nokia HMD also seem to be doing well. With the look of things, it was obvious that the rise in market share for the Chinese brands would lead to the decline of the Indian brand shipments – and so has turned out the case, as the previous quarter recorded the lowest ever market share of shipments from local Indian brands.

Another important point retained from the report was the fact that Samsung has been successful in passing OnePlus in Q1 2019 –essentially becoming the number one smartphone maker in the premium smartphone segment. However, considering the fact that the OnePlus 7 Pro is set to launch on the 14th of May – this soon may be subject to change in the coming quarters.


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