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67% of young Pakistanis want to leave

Dr Faheem Jehangir Khan, Senior Research Economist at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), believes that the percentage of Pakistani youth wanting to leave their country has surged to 67 percent.

67% of young Pakistanis want to leave

It has been reported in Dawn that Khan, who spoke at the two-day EconFest festival, also highlighted the fact that 31 percent of educated youth in Pakistan do not have jobs, according to a report from the paper.

It was stressed by the economist that in order to find solutions to the problems of kids, it is important to talk about them. A number of universities in the country give degrees to thousands of students, he said, but having a degree does not guarantee a job once you have earned it. There are more than 200 universities in the country, he added.

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A lot of responsibility lies with teachers, but in addition, the students also need to take an active role in entrepreneurship, according to Khan.

During a recent PIDE survey, it was found that the desire to leave Pakistan was most prominent among young people, especially young men, between the ages of 15 and 24. Of those at least 62 percent indicated that they wished to leave Pakistan, based on the results of this survey.

There is no doubt that economic reasons are the most common reason for leaving a country, as found by the survey. The pursuit of equal opportunity and a desire to be respected were the two next two significant motivations for me.

There will be a number of talks, debates, and discussions on different aspects of the economy of the country and related sectors, at the EconFest, which has been organized by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE).


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