5G is just getting fired up in many countries, but now, a report already talks about the revolutionary change that 6G technology will bring to the table. Countries such as China have actually already started to push for it ahead of others. The next-generation communication technology is expected to open a gateway of terabit throughputs, microsecond latencies, as well as solve the hiccups that present themselves when we talk about holographic images wirelessly.

Indeed in accordance with what a report from counterpoint has to say, 6G will primarily up the ante on the Wireless Spectrum as far as Gigabit throughputs go on 5G Terabits/second go. Here, throughput is in fact the amount of data which can be transferred from source destination within a given time frame. In any case though, the proposed range for the 6G spectrum is between that of 300Ghz to 3Thz (Terahertz).

While the commercial launch won’t exactly take place anytime before 2028 as Samsung has gone on to predict, the research has indeed already begun. As a matter of fact, giants such as Huawei and Nokia are already in the process of advancing their very own way so as to accelerate the process. In any case though, the leap which would exist from Ghz (in 4G) to Mhz (in 5G) and Thz (in 6G) does indeed look exponential.

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As far as 6G devices go, the report goes on to conclude that it will require better power efficiencies, line of sight channels, metamaterials for the sake of Thz antenna arrays, improved AI for the sake of power optimization, and also QoS. In additional to all this, the Terahertz spectrum is also likely to make way for the sake of holographic radio and Ultra-massive MIMO technologies.

Nonetheless, China has indeed gone a step further as it has launched the world’s first ever 6G satellite for the sake of Terahertz communication. Nevertheless, we still are a few years away from seeing the real-time results for 6G, which are in fact expected to be 100-500x faster than that of 5G.


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