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7 chocolate varieties and their use

No matter if you have an addiction to sweets or not it is impossible to find one who doesn’t like chocolate varieties. It is a quick mood lifter and rich in nutrients, it’s everything we want when experiencing a down day! While we are all familiar with some of the names we have for our most loved chocolates, we aren’t aware of the various kinds of chocolates available. From Pure Wow, here are the seven different kinds of chocolates and their functions.

Chocolate milk

Delicious and sweet milk chocolate has the minimum of 10 percent chocolate liquor, as well as 12% milk that gives it a silky and smooth texture. It’s generally more sweet in taste and less bitter since it’s got sugar and dairy. Because it melts quickly milk chocolate is perfect to eat alone, instead of being added to desserts.

Dark chocolate

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the dark chocolate should have at least 35% liquor of chocolate. Dark chocolate within the 65% to 70 percent range will be pleasant bitter and somewhat creamy, whereas anything going up to 80% and above is too hard and bitter to be enjoyed by itself. Dark chocolate is great to eat by itself or as a component of baking-related projects, such as chocolate chip cookies or home-made chocolate truffles.

Sweetened and unsweetened chocolate

What exactly is it? In essence, it’s chocolate liquor, which is the cocoa solids as well as cocoa butterbut without any added dairy or sugar. This makes it extremely bitter and is best used for baking projects that need an intense chocolate flavor. This kind of chocolate is perfect for baking, especially recipes that already have lots of sugar, for example, brownies.

White chocolate

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Have you ever wondered why it’s white? This is due to the fact that it doesn’t have any type of cocoa solids. It is made from cocoa butter at minimum 20%, in accordance with the FDA — and at least 14% milk cream, or milk solids. The best white chocolates typically contain vanilla, but vanilla is not required. It’s ideal for making fruit tarts and cake pops in addition to other things.

White chocolate caramelised

Also called toasted white chocolate or Blond chocolate, caramelised chocolate varieties is made up of white chocolate that has been cooked until it has caramelized. It’s the result of the caramel-like flavor that’s less sweet than traditional white chocolate however maintains its smooth texture.

Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate has been in existence since the cocoa company Barry Callebaut launched it in 2017 and it’s a fashionable millennial pink. The color is natural, and is derived in the “ruby cocoa beans” used to create it. The flavor is a bit sweet and tart, just like the berries that are chocolate-based.

Dark chocolate

Raw chocolates are made up of cacao beans that have not been roasted, which producers claim keeps the antioxidants and nutrients intact. However, research is in its infancy and chocolate experts recommend focusing on the quality of the cacao , not the fact that they’re “raw.”


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