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7 steps to hide your last name on LinkedIn

7 steps to hide your last name on LinkedIn. Want to hide your last name on LinkedIn? Well, I will not ask for the reason behind this desire, because I am aware that plenty of personal or official or other types of reasons might be urging you to do so. Because I know that even though the platform is all about forming and managing professional connections, there are also people who would want to maintain their privacy and only share certain information with people connected to them.

Among many other measures that you can do to maintain your privacy is “hiding your last name on LinkedIn”; so that people not connected to you wouldn’t even be able to see your complete name. This may particularly come in handy when someone does not want to engage with even second-degree connections.

You might be in a desire to maintain your privacy on LinkedIn as well as in a want of hiding even your name on the platform, here is a guide you can follow to get what you want:

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1 # Start by logging in to LinkedIn. Press on the Profile icon now.

2 # Secondly scroll down and select Settings and find “Privacy” there.

3 # Now, after finding Privacy on top of the Settings page, click on Privacy option.

4 #  Having done all that, scroll down to see an option of “Who can see my last name.”

5 # Later on, click on “Change” written right next to it. Also you can click on the option itself to change the settings.

6 # Now you will see two options.

Among these options, one will be your complete name and the other option will show the first letter of your last name or your abbreviated name.

7 #  Now you will select the abbreviated name to get saved automatically on LinkedIn.

You can also make changes to your account on this particular page. You can even managing who can see your email address or you can manage your connections on the platform. Your profile visibility, syncing contacts and calendar, as well as blocking and unfollowing users you do not want to connect with, and various other managing tasks can be done on this platform to show others your account as you wish.

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