700 Mobiles recovered from Cartons by customs at Airport

700 Mobiles recovered from Cartons by customs at Airport

During a raid at the Benazir Bhutto Airport, Customs officials recovered up to 700 mobile phones from cartons. They seized the culprits and took the phones into custody. An inquiry was also started regarding this issue to find out the facts behind the case.
According to accessible details, these latest phones (700 units) were recovered from 19 cartons which were cleared as vaccines from the World Health Organization (WHO). The cartons in question were ordained for Quetta sooner than they were seized by customs officials. Upon more inquiry, it was investigated that the cartons were being propelled to Quetta by the staff of a company named EPI.
Company representatives from EPI make contact with the customs officials, soon after recognized, suggesting them to free the seized consignment. According to the EPI spokesperson, he gave information to customs officials that these cellular phones have been gifted by the international organization for use. On the other hand, the customs establishment has ordered to show their record from the company. For the time being, they are treating it as a case of smuggling and putting under this category until inquiry brings to a close and the issue is cleared up between all parties.


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