It is expected that Apple will finally launch its much awaited iPhone 12 series just a few months from now. In accordance with what analysts have had to say, the latest phones from Apple will ship without a bundled charger and Earpods. And now, the latest speculation has also gone on to conclude that the price of the entry-level iPhone model within the latest series will be $50 more than what the entry-level phone within the previous generation commanded.

The new report comes courtesy of an analyst going by the name of Jeff Pu. He has forecasted that the upcoming iPhone 12 base-model will actually be available for $749. It is expected that this particular model will make its way into the market with a 5.4-inch OLED display, 5nm A14 chipset, 5G connectivity and also : a dual-camera setup.

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And since there has been a comment with regards to the comparison side of things, last year’s iPhone 11 featured with a price tag of $699 – which was $50 lesser than the iPhone XR that came before it. Regardless, there have also been rumors that the base iPhone 12 may command a $649 price tag.

Considering the fact though that this time around the iPhones will also feature with 5G connectivity enabled, it has been said that customers aren’t likely to mind the hike in price and that the demand won’t be affected too much. However, one would have to imagine that the lack of Earpods as well as the lack of an in-box charger is likely to raise a few eyebrows.

Anyways, the upcoming iPhone 12 series will indeed start at a price lesser than its primary Android competitor in the Galaxy S20 – which goes on to retail in the US for $999. Unfortunately enough for Apple though, while the lower price does mean that there will be more of a competitive advantage to be achieved, it is expected that the company will only ship 15-20 million units in this year.


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