8K video recording will be a feature of the Nubia Z20 – says the company’s CEO

8K video recording will be a feature of the Nubia Z20 – says the company’s CEO
8K video recording will be a feature of the Nubia Z20 – says the company’s CEO

On the 8th of August, we will finally see the launch of the Nubia Z20. When the phone finally arrives into the smartphone world, it will come with a feature that is not at all too common in the smartphone market. In fact, the only other device to have the same feature that we are going to see embedded in the Z20 is present in another Nubia device – the Nubia Red Magic 3.

Ni Fei, who happens to be the president of the mobile company has recently revealed at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) that the Nubia Z20 will support 8K video recording. While the Red Magic 3 too does offer 8K video recording – it does so at 15fps. Speculation states that the Nubia Z20 will actually record at a higher frame rate. The president of the company has commented further by saying that the phone will feature for professional video recording.

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Apart from the obviously attractive feature of the device recording at a higher resolution, the Z20 will also feature with special screen technology and design which will fully take advantage of the phone’s special camera features. Right now, there aren’t many details present over what is meant when there is talk over the special display that the device is said to feature with – however, as near the launch of the device, more details will indeed surface before the launch event actually takes place.

The latest and upcoming flagship phone from Nubia will feature with either the Snapdragon 855 or perhaps the Snapdragon 855+ processor. Along with the premium processing capabilities will accompany an AMOLED display. Right now, we have no idea as to how many camera sensors will be integrated into the device, however, Nubia recently took upon the decision to release some camera samples to show exactly what the device is capable of – and the pictures are quite impressive to say the least. Again, we will have more information over the camera department sooner rather than later.


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