A 3nm chip will make Apple iPhone 15 Pro the most powerful phone of 2023

  A 3nm chip will make Apple iPhone 15 Pro the most powerful phone of 2023

It won’t be available in phone chipsets until Apple releases its iPhone 15 Pro models, reports local publication Digitimes. TSMC representatives said: “The next generation of 3nm mobile processor node will soon move into volume production.”.

N3E will build upon the quality, power, and yield of N3F, according to TSMC’s CEO speaking at the Q2 earnings call. “The volume production of N3E is scheduled for around a year after N3.”
With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the company will use in Galaxy S23 phones this winter, Qualcomm won’t be able to take advantage of the 3nm process. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will be the chips of choice in smartphones for 2024 en masse.

It also seems unlikely that MediaTek, the world’s foremost processor manufacturer, will offer 3nm chips made by TSMC until 2023. Therefore, Apple will be the largest customer of TSMC’s “enhanced” 3nm mobile chipset node, likely for its eventual A17 chip.
Here are the specs of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro

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3nm Apple A17 processor
48MP main camera
12MP ultrawide camera with 1.4-micron pixels
Punch-hole OLED display
6x periscope zoom camera

It may be that next year Apple will equip only the iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro with a 3nm Apple A17 processor, since rumors suggest Mac OS will elect a 5nm A15 processor for the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, and a 4nm A16 processor for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.
As a result, Apple will be the main customer of TSMC’s 3nm chip manufacturing in 2023, and the foundry is expected to fulfill substantial 3nm chip orders for multiple customers in 2024.

Thus, the first major phones with the brand new 3nm processors are expected to be the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max with their brand spanking new periscope cameras, two major differentiators that will push them quite a bit ahead of the 2023 pack, and not only among iPhones.


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