Founded in 2019, Dost E-bikes has been a manufacturer of practical and utilitarian electric bikes in the business of making them since 2019. There is now a new electric bike available from the company called the Crate Cargo Electric Bike.

In the newest model from Dost, the Crate Cargo Electric Bike is designed to be the ultimate cargo-hauling e-bike, and it is the company’s latest model in the crate electric bicycle line. This bike features a rear-focused cargo design that eliminates the need for extended racks at the front of the bike because of its rear-focused cargo design. Consequently, the proportions of the bike remain similar to that of that of a typical city commuter bike as a result of this design. The e-bike can, however, carry up to 440 pounds worth of cargo or passengers, which makes it one of the most capable e-bikes on the market when it comes to cargo or passengers.

As the name implies, the Dost Crate is designed to be a robust and stable platform, thanks to its beefy square-tubed 6061 aluminum frame and stiff 6061 fork. As with all Dost bikes, the bike has attachment points for a wide range of Dost’s in-house optional accessories, such as passenger seats, panniers, rear baskets, and front racks. It is claimed that Dost’s bike can transport a rider with two young children or one adult, according to the company’s website. In the same vein, it is possible to swap the passengers for quite a bit of cargo as well.

There is a Bafang M600 mid-drive motor on the e-bike that has a nominal output of 750 watts and is equipped with a five-speed gearbox. Due to the torque rating of 125 Nm, it is possible for you to climb steep hills without any problems. Furthermore, the bike features a torque sensor for seamless and smooth pedal assistance, as well as five different modes to adjust the level of assistance based on the type of terrain and the amount of cargo you are hauling. It is also equipped with a throttle that can be used to allow the user to ride without pedaling the bike.

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It is possible to purchase the bike with two different battery configurations. A single battery setup is said to be capable of covering up to 60 miles on a single charge – but it is important to note that for this to be possible, cargo must be light and the terrain must be even in order to achieve this range. As a result, with the twin-battery option, the vehicle can return 120 miles under the same ideal conditions. It is for this reason that the Dost Crate is considered to be one of the most range-efficient e-bikes in the market.

A CVT automatic gearbox specific to cargo bikes, the Enviolo CVT, complements the powertrain of the bike. Based on the power output of the motor, the transmission automatically selects a ratio to maximize efficiency and performance according to the power output from the motor. As well as the automatic mode, there is also a manual mode that is available for cyclists who prefer manual shifting.

Moreover, the new Dost Crate comes with a comprehensive lighting system consisting of a brake light, a taillight, as well as a 100-lux LED headlight with high and low settings. Also included with the bike is a kickstand, as well as a multi-color LCD screen that displays important ride data such as the state of the battery, the mode of operation, and the distance covered during the ride.

There is no information on the availability of the new Dost Crate as of this time, however, pre-orders have already been opened for the bike for $500 USD, as of this writing. In terms of the price, the single-battery version starts at $4,999 USD, but it will inevitably rise as you add more features to the bike that will raise its price. It is estimated that you will have to pay an additional $699 USD for the dual battery setup, for example. Bikes are expected to reach the hands of customers by December of 2023, which is the expected release date.


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