British-American kickboxer Andrew Tate, who was banned by all social media platforms earlier this year for his misogynistic remarks, has now converted to Islam after he was banned from all social media platforms for his misuse of social media. Born in Chicago and grew up in Luton, the former kickboxer previously described Islam as ‘the last true religion in the world’ and he has now confirmed that he is Muslim himself after a video of him praying in a mosque went viral.

He announced the decision on one of his remaining social media accounts called Gettr, which he refers to as his self-proclaimed ‘success coach’. The reason I am a Muslim is because of this. A Christian who understands the battle against evil and believes in good must convert to the true faith and believe in the power of God. So I invite you patience, because, as the Quran states in Quran chapter 30 verse 60, what Allah has promised is TRUE.

He appears in the viral video praying in a mosque with Hollywood actor Tam Khan, who is also a fighter who also plays boxer. The caption that Khan wrote on his social media site for the video read, “Praise be to God, to be able to receive such wide interaction and the admiration of thousands of followers.”.

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Throughout a long comment, he explained in more detail the reasons for Tate’s conversion as well as vouched for him. The heart of Brother Andrew is with Islam and he is a very sincere man. Please allow me to clarify a few things for you. What was the purpose of recording us praying? Since it’s the first time Tate has prayed, it is helpful to post positivity”, stressing that this is the first time she’s done so.

There was no doubt Andrew could have said no, he knew this could detract from his already controversial social media situation, but he decided to take the risk himself. It was a very special day for the mosque visit. It was a very special day for the mosque visit. We were the only ones who wanted it, he and I. Khan said that they had planned the meeting for days ago, but he reminded me about it today.

“It is great that we did this, so that people could get to see his real self. He has never been in a mosque before, and what a wonderful way to begin his journey, as we prayed at the mosque on Saturday night. As we spoke about the Qur’an, hadiths, the actions of the Prophet Muhammad, may God’s peace and prayers be upon him, misconceptions about Islam, and so on, I was able to share my insights on these topics..”

I was told by him that what they were doing was a way to encourage young children to not feel ashamed to be religious and to pray, things that should not be undertaken in a vain way. “We agreed that the video shouldn’t be shown on a podcast or anywhere else, because some people would accuse it of creating a fake following or trying to gain influence over people. Everyone is not perfect, but thank God he has a good heart and pure intentions, he said, thanking God for him.”

Khan called on his followers in conclusion to allow Tate to announce the news the way he wants, pointing out that changing the lifestyle is not something that can be accomplished quickly, but it is something that must be accepted and believed by oneself as necessary because it is never guaranteed that tomorrow will come.


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