In a stirring moment of culinary solidarity, the Bakers Association has embraced a new dawn for roti, setting its price at a humble Rs15. This announcement unfolded during a poignant gathering where Food Minister Bilal Yasin stood hand in hand with Association President Aftab Gul, their voices melding in harmonious accord.

In a poignant video address, President Gul spoke of a shared vision with the government, a commitment etched in flour, to alleviate the burden of rising costs. His words resonated with promise, affirming the association’s pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder with the nation in its battle against inflation.

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Minister Bilal echoed this sentiment, his voice carrying the weight of triumph. He heralded an unprecedented achievement—a monumental decrease of Rs1,200 in flour prices, a testament to the resolute efforts of governance. This reduction, a beacon of hope, ensures not just sustenance but sustenance with dignity, for every household.

Together, their resolve ignites a flame of optimism, illuminating the path to a future where every morsel is infused with compassion. This collaboration between flour and fire, between leaders and artisans, is a testament to the transformative power of unity. A tale of bread, not just of sustenance, but of shared purpose and boundless promise.


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