In the ever-evolving world of content creation and copyright issues, a recent legal battle has surfaced in Pakistan. Muzzamil Hussain, better known as MHTOORI, a prominent local YouTuber, has taken a bold step by serving a legal notice to Pakistan Television (PTV) World over copyright infringement. This article delves into the intricacies of this case, exploring the background, events, and legal ramifications.

A Content Creator’s Dilemma

Muzzamil Hussain, or MHTOORI as he is known in the online world, is a creative content creator with a substantial following on various social media platforms, particularly YouTube. His work reflects his dedication to showcasing the beauty of Pakistan through captivating video content.

The heart of the matter lies in PTV World’s alleged unauthorized use of MHTOORI’s original video content. In a typical scenario, when television channels wish to broadcast content created by others, they seek consent and ensure proper attribution. However, PTV World took a different route in this case, neither obtaining MHTOORI’s permission nor giving him credit for his work.

The Accidental Discovery

The story unraveled when Muzzamil Hussain stumbled upon one of his videos being aired by PTV World without his consent. He revealed that the broadcast occurred on September 30th, around 2 pm. To his surprise and dismay, the state-owned television channel had chosen to use his content without any prior discussion or acknowledgment.

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In response to this blatant copyright infringement, MHTOORI decided to take legal action. He served PTV World with a formal legal notice, asserting that the video they aired was a compilation of clips from his Facebook videos. In this notice, he demanded the immediate cessation of the broadcast, distribution, or any further use of his copyrighted material.

Muzzamil Hussain, in his legal notice, also seeks compensation for the unauthorized use of his video content. He specifies a substantial amount of Two Hundred Million PKR, in accordance with the Copyright Ordinance of 1962. This is a significant development, as it emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting copyright laws in the digital age.

The Countdown

To further underline the seriousness of his claims, MHTOORI’s lawyer has given a 7-day notice to the PTV administration, urging them to respond to the legal notice. This puts the ball in PTV World’s court, giving them a limited timeframe to address the situation and possibly resolve the matter without further legal action.


The case of Muzzamil Hussain, known as MHTOORI, versus PTV World highlights the challenges content creators face in protecting their intellectual property. It emphasizes the need for media organizations to uphold ethical standards and respect copyright laws. The legal battle, initiated by MHTOORI, serves as a reminder that even in the digital age, intellectual property rights remain a crucial aspect of creative content.

If PTV World does not respond adequately to the legal notice within the stipulated time, MHTOORI is determined to pursue legal action to protect his rights and the rights of content creators at large.


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