A major surge recorded by Samsung in 14nm chip orders from China

Samsung to Maintain its Position as Leader
A very recent report quoting insiders in the semiconductor industry has gone on to reveal that Samsung’s 14-nanometer process has gone on to record a large surge in orders from manufacturers from mainland China – driving the Korean manufacturer’s quarterly growth in capacity utilization.

The report proceeded on to point out that as a result of certain international reasons, as well as the country’s acceleration of independent chip research and development as well as the continuous expansion of related market scale, the Korean company has gone on to being listed as a diversified ally with orders being flooded into Samsung electronics – making its order performance above that of 14 nanometers exceed expectations.

For now, it remains to be seen whether or not this move will have any impact on TSMC and UMC’s business based in China, however, it can in fact be expected that the Korean company will have a larger number of orders for the 14-nanometer process and above – which of course to some extent, makes up for the decline of the advanced process below 7-nanometer.

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While Samsung is indeed expanding its orders, Chihara and M31, both of which have good partnerships with Samsung, have also unexpectedly benefitted. In 2021, the proportion of Chinese customers will also increase quite significantly.

While it is believed that Samsung’s 3nm and other advanced processes aren’t exactly as good as TSMC in general, the company is still quite confident in catching up with TSMC in the future. Samsung continues to both speed up the process and also continued to accept larger and larger orders.

It is a well known fact that TSMC has always been the leader in the semiconductor industry in China as well as the world and is therefore favored by the Chinese companies. However, the price that they demand is actually more than that what Samsung demands for its own versions.


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