A “mid-range” foldable phone

A “mid-range” foldable phone
A “mid-range” foldable phone

Previously, there were a number of reports which suggested that Motorola Razr brand was gearing up for the launch of a foldable phone. It’s been a while ever since then that any reports have come up related to the topic, however, the latest reports now go on to suggest that we won’t actually have to wait much longer – as the reimagined flip phone could arrive to the US in just a “few months.”

The latest reports suggest that there has been verified information which has been obtained from an anonymous source over the device. Aside from some of the design details that have come to attention, the biggest talking point would without doubt would be the massive $1500 price tag.

While $1500 does seem to be a huge price tag, it doesn’t seem to big when you compare it with the price tag of other smartphones in the same segment. The latest reports just go on to reiterate the previous rumors that actually suggested that the reborn Razr will not actually be a flagship device when taking into account the specs.Not only will it “not be equipped with high-end processor,” but it will also feature with a much smaller battery when compared with other foldable phones.

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Instead of impressive specs, it seems as if Motorola will actually focus on a modernized clam shell design in an attempt to draw in buyers. The exact dimensions for the device are still anybody’s guess, however, the speculation notes that recent renders have shown off a larger display on the inside, along with a second small screen placed on the outside for when the device is closed.

An impressive design might attract consumers, but it’s difficult to see how Motorola will attract a wider audience – those of whom will have to spend $400 more than the asking price of a much more attractive proposition in terms of the specs in the Galaxy Note 10 Plus – also to note that the Note 10 Plus comes with a decent enough design too.

And then arises another potential strategic gimmick for Motorola. People who will be willing to spend $1500 on a device might as well spend more on other devices like the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X – that not only come similar designs, but also much more attractive features.


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