Social media giant Twitter has just gone on to announce its latest feature in the Super Follow feature. The feature is now finally launched and it comes as part of the company’s plan to expand its revenue stream.

The Super Follow feature on Twitter makes way and allows for users to charge a monthly subscription fee to followers to share exclusive subscriber-only content. As of now only user based in the US and Canada will making use of Twitter IOS version will actually be able to Super Follow some accounts however the company does in fact claim that it will be rolled out to users in other regions as well over the course of the coming weeks.

The eligible accounts can then set the price for super follow subscriptions and the social media platform happens to be offering three options when it comes to this : $2.99, $4.99 and $9.99 per month. Creators would have the opportunity to mark some tweets for subscribers only while they go on and continue to reach their unpaid follower base with respect to the regular base.

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In order to differentiate paid subscribers from the unpaid subscribers, the paid will actually be marked with a special super follow badge. Twitter actually goes on to claim that the badge also makes way and shows up in replies and hence elevating a follower’s ability to interact directly with accounts that they end up opting to support.

This particular option is also available in the Monetization options that happens to be there in the app’s sidebar. In order to be eligible for this particular feature, the user for now needs to be located within the US and also needs to have more than 10,000 followers and at least 25 tweets within the last month that they have operated their respective account.


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