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A new low-cost Netflix subscription plan has been launched, here’s what you need to know

Netflix has launched a low-cost subscription plan. The new plan will cost you $7 a month, $3 less than the next cheapest plan, Basic, which costs $10. This service is also available in 11 other countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Spain, and the UK.

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Netflix Launches New Low-Cost Subscription Plan, Here’s how to Get it

A 30-second ad will run every four to five minutes under the new plan. Before and during shows and movies. There are also some limitations with the new plan. For instance, streams can watch videos to 720p resolution, and content can only play on one device at a time.

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Basic, Standard, and Premium tiers do not allow offline viewing of videos. It’s not available in Basic With Ads. Additionally, Netflix’s library will lack some movies and shows due to licensing restrictions. New customers are expected to be attracted by Basic With Ads.


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