In the latest course of events, it has been claimed that Apple is actually looking into the issue of battery swelling which occasionally affects the aging batteries of its flagship device in the iPhones. The company has gone on to file two new patents that proceed on to describe a new system which has the potential to detect the battery swelling problem at its early stages.

In accordance with a very recent report, it has been claimed that the Cupertino based giant plans on to tackle the situation by detecting the very early signs associated with it. The two patents actually happen to be related to the reduction of the size of the device, while also going on to allow it to detect battery swelling. Both the technologies will actually go hand in hand and will go on to work together for a smaller handset which can still guarantee the safety for its users. The technologies in question will also in fact play a rather important part of the company’s goals which are to achieve smaller devices which users can carry or wear on a daily.

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And so, the patent makes way as a means of ensuring that it can reach its goal without there being any compromise on the safety side of things, considering the fact that the reduction in the battery casing size would also actually require the battery swelling issue to be taken into account. Of course, battery swelling happens to be an issue which has the potential to plague every kind of cell that happens to use the lithium ion design. And so, Apple happens to be working on positioning the components which go on and surround the battery. This new system would then go on and enable larger devices in the device enclosure without there being any damage to any other parts.


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