Recently, we have seen a potentially upcoming smartphone prototype from HMD Global bearing the Nokia name on Weibo. Though the posts have since been removed, some, including XDA Developers have managed to catch the images in time to save them.

There appear to be a large number of images, and all of them are also actually pretty clear. And so we have a decent look at the design of the phone, as well as some of the specs that it may feature with.

One, if not the most notable things that many have seen in the prototype is the fact that there actually appears a 48MP sensor placed at the back of the device. Though we don’t actually know which 48MP sensor this is, one would have to imagine that the Sony IMX586 is a decent enough bet considering the fact that it is without doubt the most popular of the 48MP sensors in use today.

Going along the primary sensor present on the device, there also appear to be two other sensors – being arranged in a rather vague Motorola-esque circle shape. In accordance to some of the images related to the phone’s software, one of these sensors is actually a wide-angle lens.

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On the front of the device is present a waterdrop notch which has an appearance quite similar to both the OnePlus 6T and the OnePlus 7. There also appear to be thick bezels along with a large enough chin with the company logo front-and-center.

On the back of the device is also present the fingerprint sensor, while at the very top of the device, we find there to be a headphone jack.

If this prototype is anything to go by, the phone appears to be yet another entry into the mid-range devices that the company has to offer. The notch along with the rear fingerprint sensor and the prominent bezels give the clearest indication of all that the phone won’t be a flagship – even though there is a 48MP sensor present.


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