A one of a kind Toy Car auctioned for a sale of $150,000

Toy Car for a sale of $150000
A one of a kind Toy Car auctioned for a sale of $150,000

We were all kids once and at some point of that childhood period we have all wanted to possess a Hot Wheels car, a remote control one or any such toy which can give a rise to our wicked world of imagination, these toy cars were always on the expensive side and convincing our parents to get us one was a huge task, however, today we bring you a shocking story which will definitely change how you see things. What if we were to tell you that there is fact a Hot Wheels toy car which has been valued at three times more than the an a real functioning, passenger oriented car. 

As per Joel Magee, America’s Toy Scout, he has come across what he is calling the “holy grail” find, this find is an Enamel White Prototype Custom Camaro Hot Wheels car. According to reports, the seven centimeters long tiny metal toy car is valued at a an astonishing value of $150,000 Australian Dollar (AUD).

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Magee later on said that this is the sole Redline Enamel White Hong Kong Version and is not sure where he found this particular piece. While talking to the media agencies covering the story he stated that “It’s hard to imagine a little toy car is worth more than a real one.”

Just imagine the kinds of real cars you can buy at the auction price of this small toy car, here is a shocking fact; a new Chevrolet Camaro will cost around $25,000 USD and this miniature version is worth $150,000 Australian Dollars, which basically gives us an idea on how crazy the world is when it comes to collecting rare items. In $150, 000 one could buy the car of his dreams, a Mercedes, a Beamer a Corvette, but then there are those who would want nothing more than to get there hands on this truly rare toy car.


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