A Pakistani Director Asad Faruqi wins an Emmy for a documentary he directed

A Pakistani Director Asad Faruqi wins an Emmy for a documentary he directed
A Pakistani Director Asad Faruqi wins an Emmy for a documentary he directed

So another Pakistani filmmaker has made his nation proud of his great work which has been applauded in international waters as well. Pakistani filmmakers have continued to make our country proud.Not only the filmmakers but our actors too have great talent, talent which is applauded in foreign countries which honestly makes it a source pride for the people of Pakistan. Moreover, Director, Asad Faruqi has become the latest to join the list after he won an Emmy for his documentary “Armed with Faith”. The documentary won the award in one of the biggest award shows held in the US annually with so many Hollywood stars present at the venue. The award show is one of a kind as it celebrates the best in the Television industry and to win an award in such monumental event is truly an awesome achievement for both the man himself and the people of his country.

Moreover,this news was revealed by the organisers on Twitter. “The Emmy for Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary goes to world channel for the Documentary, “Armed With Faith.”

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Furthermore, another famous name that we all are familiar with, the Academy-award winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy was also part of the film’s production team, felicitated the director on social media and said, “AsadFaruqi came to work with me many many moons ago as a photographer at The Citizens Archive of Pakistan he was passionate and eager to learn and the best kind of student!” In 2009 we smuggled ourselves into Swat, in 2012 we worked on Saving Face in 2015 on a Girl in the River and countless projects in between and after… Today he won his first Emmy as a director. I cannot be more proud of who he is and what he’s accomplished! That’s the power of perseverance and hard work! Asad you are a star!”.

Both Sharmeen and Asad have truly made the nation proud and we as a struggling nation need these moments to uplift the morale in the country, to say with confidence that Pakistan is doing something right. We wish them well and congratulate both on achieving another milestone in the film industry.


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