There is a Pakistani woman, Maria Abrar, who has been ranked tenth by ReWork in its list of the top 25 Canadian women in artificial intelligence (AI).

She has been working as a Senior Data Scientist at Meta’s Reality Labs for over a decade. During that time, she acquired extensive experience in this field.

Her experience as a data scientist has allowed her to design and train data scientists for several countries, including Pakistan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Russia, Italy, and Canada, among others.

As well as her extensive experience with data science output, she has formed future roadmaps and business strategies for campaigns that use data science output in Above The Line (ATL), Below The Line (BTL) marketing campaigns, as well as previous experience working with marketer, product manager, and relevant professionals.

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Moreover, she has extensive experience in the analysis of social networks, the creation of product recommendation engines, the estimation of customer usage patterns, revenue estimates, and the identification of in-depth behavioral segmentation in various contexts.

ReWork announced its Top 25 Women in Canada’s Artificial Intelligence Industry for the year 2018:


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