It isn’t too big of a secret that Xiaomi is apparently looking into the concept of modular designs that were indeed a rather popular smartphone concept just a couple of years back. Indeed a new patent from the Chinese company was also published not so long ago, and it goes on to detail a device with a removable display.

The patent which was subject to being filed with CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) falling under the title of “two component phone” and was also reported on by LetsGoDigital. Taking a glance at some of the images that were subject to being found with respect to the patent, a device can indeed be observed with the aid of a removable display which can be taken out as well as connected to the phone at the will of the user. When in fact the device is not connected, a dual camera system can in fact be seen on the front alongside the LED flash – this going on to ascertain the probability of the device sporting an under-the-display selfie shooter.

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Of course when the device is connected, the smartphone is no different to any other present within the market. The display can also in fact be seen separately within the patent itself, with the rear side featuring with twin ports that indeed go on to resemble a speaker grill with small holes that connect to the pins which can indeed be seen within the main body of the device. The patent also proceeds on to hint that the display also has the capabilities to be used separately without actually the main body – but how exactly this is possible remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, while having a removable and functioning display might have its perks, it doesn’t seem to be too on the practical side. How exactly Xiaomi proposes the pitch still remains to be seen.


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