In foreign media reports, Tesla electric car bookings increased significantly after the price cut at the beginning of the year. Production volume also rose, while delivery volume is also expected to exceed previous records in the first quarter.

Considering Tesla’s delivery volume in the first quarter of this year, an executive of the sovereign wealth fund anticipates at least a 5% increase in deliveries from one quarter to the next.

During the fourth quarter of last year, Tesla delivered to its users a total of 405,278 electric vehicles. Taking into account an increase of 5%, the number of vehicles to be delivered in the first quarter of this year is expected to reach 425,542, which exceeds the current market consensus of 420,000 vehicles.

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In accordance with foreign media reports, executives of sovereign wealth funds expect Tesla’s deliveries to increase by at least 5% in the first quarter of this year as a result of two factors: increased demand as well as increased production.

As for the demand side, it is expected that the aggressive price reduction strategy will drive sales to new highs in the two major markets of the United States and China as a result of the price reduction strategy. Additionally, with the anticipated increase in Model Y production at the Berlin Gigafactory, it is expected that the European market will also have strong performance in the near future as well.

As far as the supply side is concerned, production is on the rise. It was reported in foreign press reports at the beginning of the month that Tesla’s management had hinted at the investor day that they had increased production as a result of price cuts being announced by the company earlier this month. There’s a concern among sovereign-wealth fund executives that if production doesn’t meet expectations, Tesla’s credibility will be compromised.

On the basis of previous quarters’ performance, it appears that Tesla will announce its production and delivery volume on its official website the day following the end of each quarter. As of April 2, the production and delivery volume for the first quarter of this year will be announced, followed by the final results after the announcement of the production and delivery volume for the first quarter.


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