A robot that can destroy coronavirus in just two minutes

A robot that can destroy coronavirus in just two minutes
A robot that can destroy coronavirus in just two minutes

A new robot is now being used in more and more as a disinfectant in hospitals. The machine has such capabilities that it can destroy the novel coronavirus in just under two minutes time and due to the success that has followed it, there exists quite the possibility that it might soon be seen to be adopted in public spheres as a rather effective method of removing the virus from the more populated regions. A robot that can destroy coronavirus in just two minutes.

Xenes Disinfection Services happens to be a company based in Texas (US) and it recently proceeded on to announce that it held very successful tests of the LightStrike robot against the virus. The machine, which also is sold in Japan, goes on to emit light at wavelengths between that of 200 and 312 nanometers that not only possess the power to decontaminate beds, but also doorknobs and other surfaces that people are known to come into contact with frequently.

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In just around two to three minutes, these ultraviolet radiations tend to leave the virus damaged to such an extent that it cannot even function in a normal manner. In other words, the rays have the power to break down the functioning part of the virus, essentially meaning that it is impaired. As a matter of fact, the robot has also been proven to work quite well against Ebola too.

For now, the robot is utilized in more than 500 health care facilities existing across the entire globe. The price that the robot carries is quite huge though – as it is available for as much as $140,000. Though in the time of great need and despair, not many would be concerned about the price tag and many that can afford it won’t argue otherwise. So all in all, the demand for the product is likely to stay upwards of what consumers would rationally pay in normal circumstances.


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