A rollable foldable phone?

A rollable foldable phone?
A rollable foldable phone?

Huawei, Motorola and also Samsung all have launches foldable phone into the market across the past year, and while these companies have been innovating, it has been somewhat surprising to see LG missing from the picture. Nonetheless though, a nee patent now points towards the prospect of LG working on a rather interesting foldable solution.

Indeed the latest reports surrounding the company claim that LG is actually working on a device that will make its way with a rollable and foldable display – citing a patent filing as well.

The idea that LG is pitching surrounds the fact of pulling on the right side of the foldable phone so as to go from a small screen to a tablet-sized display. From this point therein, it seems as if the users would be able to extend the screen even further – allowing for folding to be done into a laptop-style form factor.

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Considering the fact that foldable phones are still relatively new in general and are already surrounded by quite a few concerns as with regards to practicality, it seems a very crazy design. However, if LG does manage to pull something like this off, then it could end up delivering what would essentially be a laptop in a phone-like form factor.

Also, things would really turn up if LG then also offered a keyboard accessory to go along with the rollable foldable phone – giving out a proper laptop-style typing experience.

But just to be clear : this is only a patent and nothing is confirmed. Indeed it’s true that more than half of the patents filed by various companies don’t even see the light of day so as to an end product – and it wouldn’t at all be surprising to see this not being the case because for now, practically speaking, LG would have to pull off a miracle. Nonetheless – it is also possible and so we can only wait and see as to what the future brings us.


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