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A satellite help SOS service is coming to the UK by December

Apple’s satellite-based emergency services will land in the UK as soon as December 13, according to MacRumors, a news site specializing in Apple products. According to a source within the emergency services of Britain, it has been informed that from the 13th of December, calls made to the satellite emergency help function will be routed to local emergency service channels.

As of last month, Apple’s Emergency SOS via Satellite service had rolled out in the U.S. and Canada, and the company announced at the time that it would expand the service to France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom by the end of this December.

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It was not clear at the time when Apple would release the new software, but December 13 sounds reasonable now. Currently, it is unclear whether or not this expansion will only be limited to the United Kingdom, or whether it will be expanded to France, Germany and Ireland as well.

In supported countries and regions, iPhone 14 users who run iOS 16.1 will be able to take advantage of the emergency satellite help feature, which will be available for free for two years in supported countries and regions. When an iPhone user doesn’t have access to a phone or WiFi connection, they can use this feature to make a satellite connection in order to make emergency calls outdoors.


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