A smartwatch is indeed coming : OnePlus confirms

OnePlus SmartWatch

OnePlus, in the latest turn of events, has finally acknowledged that the OnePlus Smartwatch is indeed real and that it will launch sometime soon. The company went on to post a teaser on Twitter, suggesting that it’ll soon go on and add a smartwatch to its ecosystem. This particular announcement is the closely followed the launch of the OnePlus 8T flagship.

The tweet that has been followed by the Chinese manufacturer throws back its previous plans of actually making a smartwatch. The company first proceeded on to experiment with the idea all the way back on 2016. As a matter of fact, the company not only had plans, but it also had a finished product back then. However, it decided not to go ahead with the launch due to the fact that the company did not want to muddle up its device lineup by adding a rather weak product just because of the fact that other smartphone manufacturers were jumping the smartphone bandwagon at that particular time.

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Nonetheless now it seems as if OnePlus is adding a watch to its growing ecosystem of products. This though comes as no surprise when you consider the fact that OnePlus’ sister brands in OPPO, Realme and also Vivo have all entered the fitness wearables market and OnePlus is the only one that happens to be left out.

The first time that we actually heard about the OnePlus Watch was when it made an appearance in regulatory listing with that particular name a while back. A former employee from the company also proceeded on to confirm that it has indeed been actively looking into the smartwatch market for the past year. Though the latest tweet by OnePlus is in fact the first time that it has in official capacity confirmed its smartwatch plans.


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