A startup from Lahore has just invented Pakistan’s first affordable and Bloodless dialysis machine

Pakistan’s first affordable and Bloodless dialysis machine

Byonyks is an American startup company which is based in the city of Lahore and it’s a company which mainly deals with providing and manufacturing medical equipment, mainly machines and are very innovative in their approach to tackle the problems faced by so many patients in Pakistan as well as abroad. The company have successfully created Pakistan’s first and only dialysis machine which will be able to provide patients with a dialysis treatment from the comfort of their homes. 

The company has named the new device, “Robo-Kidney,” and as per the company’s wishes this new dialysis machine shall go in to the mass production phase in the coming few months after Byonyks is able to get an approval from the healthcare regulators. Moreover, the Robo-Kidney has been designed in collaboration with Pakistan’s leading nephrologists and healthcare experts and together both parties have come up with a device which will completely reshape how the procedure of dialysis works and on top of that, this will be a safe and cost effective way to carry out the process as well. 

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Furthermore, the company say that new machine will minimize the risk of contracting Hepatitis-C during the traditional dialysis procedure. As per an official statement by Byonyks, 72% of kidney patients in Pakistan get infected with Hepatitis-C which spreads during the conventional dialysis treatment. According to Founder and CEO of Byonyks, Farrukh Usman says “Robo-Kidney is an affordable and bloodless machine that will allow kidney patients to receive dialysis treatment at their homes”. 

In addition to things, the CEO also says that Robo-Kidney shall also ease the burden on that has been put on the national healthcare resources. It will also contribute to Pakistan’s economy, once the company get the license for mass production they plan to export the device abroad as well, generating revenue for the current account. 


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