A technical issue forces a Haval H6 driver to travel 500km

A technical issue forces a Haval H6 driver to travel 500km
A technical issue forces a Haval H6 driver to travel 500km

The launch of the hybrid variant of the Haval H6 has recently become one of the hot topics in Pakistan. In light of a recent development, it is once again making headlines, albeit in a negative light, following the recent development.

According to a recent report from China, a 2nd generation Haval H6 forcibly took itself and its owner on a long drive due to a failure of the cruise control on the vehicle.

As explained by the details of the incident, because the driver was unable to disengage the cruise control, the crossover kept cruising at 100 kilometers per hour. As part of the report, it was mentioned that the vehicle stalled as a result of running out of fuel after almost 500 kilometers.

While driving through Zhuzhou city, the driver’s vehicle’s cruise control got stuck, which resulted in him being stranded in the middle of the city. He claimed he disengaged the feature by applying the brakes, but it did not work, so Lou asserted that he applied the brakes.

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In order to compensate for this, Lou said that he continued to drive the SUV for another 500 kilometers until the vehicle had run out of fuel. Upon realizing the severity of the situation, the driver called the authorities and informed them of the possibility of an emergency.

Upon bringing the issue to the attention of Haval engineers, they stated that they were unable to control the situation. In the end, however, the driver was able to stop safely without causing any harm to himself or anyone else in the car.

Though the automaker is aware of the issue, no comments have been made about it, and it is not clear what the reason may be for the failure. Moreover, this was the first and only time in the history of H6 that Haval has seen a malfunction in the cruise control system.


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