Accelerator Program Launched in Pakistan ‘Google for Startups’

Google for Startups

Good news comes for Pakistan in the form of ‘Google for Startups’ (GFS) as it has proceeded on to launch a three-month online accelerator program so as to nurture high-potential and early-stage tech-startups. However, these startups aren’t only limited to Pakistan, but also extend to other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and also the Philippines.

The program will focus on and is committed to supporting homegrown entrepreneurs so as to implement their solutions as they go on to enrich local ideas to evolve. Over the course of the past few months, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we along with many businesses have been forced to rethink as well as bring about major changes in the ways that we live and work.

And with this evolutionary movement being carried out, it isn’t at all surprising to see startups being at the forefront as they go and solve new and unforseen challenges as they have always gone on to do : with the likes of agility, innovative technology and also – resilience.

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‘Google for Startups’ was also previously known as the Google Launchpad Accelerator and it goes on to continue with its pledge to help startups as well as solve specific and technical problems with the aid of all the resources that Google has at its disposal. Indeed the process continues like this : once the selected founders and the people in relation to the startups outline their top challenges, they are then equipped with relevant teams of experts that bow from Google, it’s partners’ network and also the industry so the guidance aspect isn’t at all vague and challenges are met with relative ease.But the whole process is not just limited; rather, it’s extensive. Indeed deep mentorship as well as project-support is also provided on technical and business challenges. If you too have a startup and are looking to get enrolled within the program, then you too can submit your application – until 19th of July this year.


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