According to Google, this is how Pakistanis search habits are evolving

Pakistanis search habits

Google is always in the market to better itself and as part of their latest campaign the, “Think with Google”  project have just released their first report on the topic  “What is Pakistan searching for?”. The report provides us with some insight in regards to the current search patterns of Pakistani citizens and also show us the trend on how these search patterns have evolved over time. As per the report, it is found that the  country’s  digital population has seen an overall growth of a whopping 68% in the last three years, with a grand total of 78 million users using the web for purposes such as watching videos, reading, learning, E-commerce, or even operating a small business.

The report has shed light on some pretty positive factors that have resulted, the report has stated that the average Pakistani is looking in to making much more informed decisions when it comes to buying things of the internet. What’s surprising is that about 55% of users search a product first and on top of that, they also rely on YouTube reviews and user feedback to gain a better understanding of what they can expect from their purchase. Much of the report shows us some very positive signs, take for example the fact that there has been a 1.5x boost in searches related to vegetarian cuisine, a considerable 189% increase in fitness-related articles, and an astonishing 175% percent rise in searches for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout searches on YouTube.

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In addition, the people of Pakistan are also trying to be more environment conscious and to say the least, they are trying to educate themselves as much as they can on the issue. Search interests for clear skies rose by a massive 300%, clean air by 225%, and clear water by 217%. The current virus situation has already resulted in an increase in the online usage of internet services. About 73% of Pakistani users can be found spending their time on YouTube every month. There has also been a 550% increase in online classes, and a 144% boost in DIY tutorials. Clearly, there is an emphasis on keeping one as busy and interested as possible and perhaps that’s one way of fighting this pandemic efficiently. 


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