It has been reported by TheElec that General Motors is considering the use of cylindrical batteries in their electric vehicles (EVs) instead of soft pack batteries in the future.

For its previous models, the U.S. automaker used soft-pack batteries manufactured by LG New Energy, which is a leading battery supplier.

Due to General Motors’ decision, LG New Energy has postponed discussions with the two joint venture Ultium Cells and is not able to begin construction on a fourth plant, sources said. This decision has resulted in the postponement of discussions between the two joint ventures.

The U.S. company may be finalizing its plans to use cylindrical batteries in the future in the meantime. This type of battery will be supported by the future platform on which it will build its EVs.

I believe that GM will select a 4680 battery, which is similar to the 4680 battery that Tesla uses in its cars.

Tesla is widely known for its use of cylindrical batteries, which are shaped like cylinders and are widely used in the company. It is expected that other automakers such as BMW, Volvo, and Stellantis will also start using this type of battery because of the advantages it has over competing types in terms of productivity.

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Anodes, cathodes, and diaphragms of cylindrical batteries can all be rolled up and placed in cylindrical tanks, which is a fairly simple production process that can be applied to many cylindrical battery manufacturers.

However, the downside is that cylindrical cells usually have a lower energy density when compared to square cells and soft pack cells. There is more empty space when the cylindrical cells are packed together when compared to when they are separated.

Each of the 4680 cells measures 80 mm in length. If they are packed together, extending and widening them will result in less empty space when they are packed together. It is also worth noting that Tesla uses 4680 cells without lugs, so they are even more compact than normal cells.

Due to the rising price of battery packs and raw materials, it is likely that GM will also consider cylindrical batteries.

The cylindrical battery is one of the oldest types of batteries and offers more room for manufacturers to save money when it comes to manufacturing.


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