Acumen requires 20 Pakistanis, 1st September is last date to apply

Acumen requires 20 Pakistanis, 1st September is last date to apply for

For its Regional Fellowship program, Acumen is looking for 20 Pakistanis. The individuals that are leaders in their own communities and are driving a social change via impactful ventures are required.

Acumen is a world wide non-profit social venture fund that uses business techniques to combat poverty in the world, it has an HQ in New York with regional offices in Pakistan, India, Keny, and Ghana. Each year Acumen selects some individuals from these countries who are bestowed to eradicate poverty from their respective regions. Individuals from Pakistan who are running social impact startups are eligible to apply to be a part of Acumen’s Regional Fellowship. The concept of social entrepreneurship is new in Pakistan but there are startups that are leading the way for social development in the country. Some of the people who are behind these ventures are former Acumen fellows, including the likes of Social Innovation Lab’s Maryam Mohiuddin, Sehat Kahani’s Sara Khurram, and Markhor’s Waqas Ali.


Acumen have fellows who come from other cultural, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. They can be founders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and innovators but should have the same goal of eradicating poverty.

Any age limit is not given by Acumen but the organization only asks for “strong personal integrity, unrelenting perseverance, and moral imagination”. The elected individuals go through a completely sponsored, year-long journey of training, leadership, development, and invaluable networking along with a larger community of Acumen fellows while maintaining their full-time jobs.


Application submission process

For Pakistanis, the Acumen Regional Fellowship application consists of questions regarding your background, resume, and a mixture of long and short questions. September 1st, 2017 is the last date to apply.

 Selection Process

The selection process is very competitive,  once the application process closes, throughout September,  telephonic interviews will be conducted with the selected applicants. In-person selection conference will be held on November 11th, 2017, in Karachi.



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