Home Mobile Addressing the Camera Blur Issue on Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+: A Closer Look

Addressing the Camera Blur Issue on Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+: A Closer Look

Addressing the Camera Blur Issue on Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+: A Closer Look
Addressing the Camera Blur Issue on Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+: A Closer Look

Samsung has recently confirmed its commitment to resolving the camera blur issue that has been plaguing some users of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ smartphones. Ever since their launch earlier this year, numerous users have reported encountering a problem with blurring in specific areas of the images captured with the primary camera. Commonly referred to as the “banana blur” issue, it has raised concerns among avid photographers and enthusiasts.

Understanding the Camera Blurring Problem

Samsung has shed light on the cause of this problem, attributing it to the wider aperture of the primary camera. The company explains that the bright aperture, which is designed to enhance low-light photography, can inadvertently result in noticeable selective focus, rendering the background blurry in close-up shots. Fortunately, Samsung’s dedicated team of engineers is working diligently on a solution, and users can expect an upcoming software update that aims to mitigate this issue effectively.

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Minimizing the Occurrence of the Blurring Problem

While users await the software update, Samsung has provided some helpful suggestions to minimize the occurrence of the camera blur issue. First and foremost, it is advised to maintain a distance of approximately 30cm between the subject and the camera lens. This slight adjustment can significantly reduce the impact of the blurring effect. Additionally, holding the phone vertically, rather than horizontally or at an oblique angle, is recommended to optimize image clarity.

Addressing Delayed Acknowledgment

It is worth noting that Samsung took some time to acknowledge this issue, causing frustration among affected users. Although the nature of the problem makes it uncertain whether it can be entirely resolved, the company remains committed to finding a satisfactory solution. Some users have suggested that reintroducing a dual-aperture lens, as seen in previous models such as the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10, might have offered a potential remedy. However, it is unfortunate that this feature was discontinued starting with the Galaxy S20.


Samsung recognizes the camera blur problem experienced by certain users of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ smartphones and is actively working on a solution. The wider aperture of the primary camera, aimed at enhancing low-light photography, has inadvertently caused selective focus and blurring issues in close-up shots. While awaiting the upcoming software update, users can follow the recommended steps to minimize the problem. Although the complete resolution of the issue remains uncertain, Samsung’s commitment to providing the best user experience remains unwavering. With continuous efforts and improvements, the Galaxy S series is expected to maintain its reputation as a leader in smartphone photography.


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