Adnan Sami son says that Pakistan is his home despite father’s controversial comments

Azaan Sami who is the son of the once Pakistani and now Indian singer Adnan Sami Khan has stated that he loves his father,however his home is Pakistan and his father can not change how he views the country. Moreover, in an interview with the BBC Asian Network, the 25-year-old music producer and screenwriter talked about the said issue for the first time which was regarding his father, who is known to have made some controversial comments about the country where he started his career. Regarding the matter Azaan stated that “As far as I am concerned, the reason I have never spoken about this before is because he is my father, I love him, I respect him,What I choose to call home, now is my choice, and I chose to work in Pakistan.”

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Moreover, it is worth noting that Azaan Sami is the son Adnan from his former wife, Pakistani actor Zeba Bakhtiar. Furthermore,when he was further asked questions regarding his father, he simply added that, “My father is more of a mentor, somebody with whom I seek advice from about my work. We have had a very tested relationship. I lived with my mom.”Azaan who is also a father of two, added that he has lived a large part of his teenage years in the country of a Pakistan and that he feels immense pride in the film industry which he considers to be family.

When asked a question on the controversial comments Adnan Sami has made about Pakistan over the years he simply replied that “It’s very interesting how people around me react when stuff like that happens because he’s my father so a lot of the time, there’s just silence. They don’t know what to say, and about how I am feeling.”When asked on his mother, he said she was very disciplined and a true “patriotic woman. After God wherever I am is because of her.”

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