Advancing technology will help us overcome Nomophonbia. As mobile phones have become an essential components for modern life with 4.77 billion users in 2017. A massive number of mobile phone users is with 58 percent men and 47 percent of women are suffering from Nomophonbia (fear of being without a mobile device).

Cell phones, alongside being tools to connect you to the world around you, also hold a wealth of irreplaceable personal life information.

 These days cell phones are amazingly targeted by thieves. Recipero (the world’s leading provider of theft & fraud data in the mobile device industry) suggested in 2016 that a whopping 5 percent of the devices offered for sale or trade-in in the US retail market were stolen or lost.

According to Lookout Mobile Security Company, 44% of cell phone thefts happen due to the forgetfulness of owners for their phones in public places. Absentmindedness of American public cost them $30 billion each year.


Symantec –a mobile security provider– reports that 95% of the finders of the lost or stolen smartphones try to access sensitive data or accounts on the phones. They try to access e-mail, online banking, photos and many more. Symantec estimates the value of your smartphone up to $300 on paper, but it claims that the cost of lost data, international phone calls, unauthorized online purchases & illicit access to online banking or other accounts can amount up to thousands.

The amount of loss adds up with the added mental stress for the stolen phone and important data alongside a stress that is caused by the budget management to get a new phone.

Panic of losing a phone full of personal information can be estimated when we consider that about 10% of us stress when our phones are turned off.

But the smarter mobile devices are getting a supportive technology to help you in this matter. Technology has introduced us to fast approaching Internet of Things that connects our phones with our cars, light bulbs, smart wallets and many more.

With the advancement of technology, innovative devices let us keep tracking our valuables like all the way long. We can expect devices like smart wallets to help us remind the valuables when we forget them placed on some cafe table or at a bench in the park.


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