10 Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education

10 Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education
10 Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education

Technology has placed us in a path where success in every field is one step ahead. Doubtlessly, technology has made our life fecund also enhanced it, in many ways. It assists us to fulfill our needs or wishes of any genre. And if we come towards education, indeed technology brought about effortless chores in daily life, also accomplish many arduous goals. In education, almost technology has changed arduous tasks, into trouble-free performance. If we run over the past, we only face an obstacle in seeking knowledge or getting much fruitful or effective learning. Technology has made education so uncomplicated that, a student can get the education on his cell phones or laptops or through many other devices like these. A student can get his education without even moving to any institute. As technology has made our life as well as education easy as ABC.

Now education is a piece of cake for all and sundry. In the fact that, technology is enhanced that many websites permit the students to seek knowledge of any type or genre in a finer way. As the technology transcend in every aspect, now a days we can have many applications in our cell phones that service us and sharp our mind through and through. We have many websites or applications that provide us with a much easier way to study. And also, the way they avail us the opportunity to get an education, we get it then and there. Also, many websites provide out and out information. Education is not a hard pill to swallow for those who admire technology and never miss the chance to take advantage of it. As a cell is a copybook, and it never fails to fulfill our needs, whether in education or daily basis. It is now possible that now we can have photographs, videos, in which we can study in a much easier way. A bio student can have all the photographs related to his topic, a math’s student can have all his math’s solutions or formulas that can help him without getting disturbed. Also, all these opportunities have made the study as easy as pie. Also, for those students who choose arts, it provides them with the photograph, many paintings, beautiful sketches, not only this, technology also bless them with teaching skills. Also, it helps the students to work towards many languages. They may seek many other languages through cell phones and they may make their future even brighter.

Students can search on websites and get answers deftly. Now, Parents can very possibly catch up their children in classrooms. They can be aware of their children active in school or colleges. They can be familiar with their attendance on the phone call or message. Now every child is at hand with their family, because technology has, very smoothly cut off all the distance between children or parents. Also, a new but not unrevealed invention is the projector. Students are helped to get study conveniently through the projector. It shows videos or pictures, or all the students may learn through it, at a time. Also, for computer students, it is handy to seek on the projector. Studying without technology is now out of the question. Before technology getting an education was a hard pill to swallow but now because of technology it is as easy as pie. Technology lends a hand to overcome much impossibility in education. On the score of technology, many indigent sophomores can exploit from technology and they may use cell phones as books and don’t bother to buy expensive books. And with technology success in education is beyond the bounds. Also, technology can be bread and butter for the students in future. And also some skillful students can exploit from it and can make money by means of technology.

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Indeed, every picture has two sides, positive or negative. Technology has proven a blessing in disguise as it useful or devastating from every aspect. We must not blur our vision to its dangerous effect on human health as well as education. It is only to deceive ourselves if we don’t consider it as, to the backbone. On account of technology, the habit of reading books, newspapers, articles has gone so far. To run through the technology we find it a snake in a grass, because it has destroyed us through and through. And even, we are now unable to find libraries, and it is very dangerous for our generation. We are losing the skilled reading. Also by using the cell Phones every time, whether, for a positive purpose, we are becoming the victim of glasses. Children, as well as youngsters, are becoming weak losing their eyesight because of the hazardous impact of technology. Also, our generation has become sluggish.

We rather discussing study problems to tutor or parents, we find the solutions on the net, and that is even more destructive to us or future. We are far from our parents or family because of this little device. Technology has taken the place of guidance and counseling. Also, in searching for something, it takes time also and it indulges the searcher in many other activities too. And also it is disastrous that university and college students use it for negative purpose, as to cheat in exams. Also, it has taken away the habit of writing. We are down and out indulged in technology that we can’t get rid of it. It has become a catastrophic part of our lives. Those days are gone a far when students are called book warms, but now we can call them “Cell Worms”  Also, the information or study we get from the net, could be inappropriate or indigestible frequently.

It is a wet blanket as it spoils many students. It is dreadful that we have indulged ourselves in technology out and out. Many students get in the fix because of it. Many students become the prone of psychological disorders because of the hazardous impact of technology on human health. It is very essential to take some positive steps to cease the usage of technology much. For this step, we must have an institute for the counseling and guidance for technology users. Also, a counselor must visit schools colleges or universities to guide students, so they may only use it for a positive purpose. Also, there must be an order at a legal level to cut down the usage of technology. We must eradicate it to its roots. So, we can live healthy life also go forth in education. Also from taking a few positive steps, we can save ourselves from hazardous impact or also from destructive future.


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