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Afghan Taliban begins their the beginning of their first year as an administration

The Taliban took over in the Afghan capital Kabul in the midst of an impressive series of territorial gains. It also brought to an end twenty years of military intervention in the war-ravaged country.

The Taliban group has celebrated its first year anniversary since their return the power of Afghanistan by celebrating a national day.

“We completed our obligation to the jihad and have liberated our nation,” said Niamatullah Hekmat on Monday.

The fighter landed in Kabul on the 15th of August last year , just hours after the then-president Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

A year ago, the group was able to capture Kabul after their massive attack against the government forces had ended 20 years of military incursion.

The chaotic departure of foreign troops continued to rage through August 31st, with many thousands hurrying to Kabul’s airport, hoping to be evacuated from any flight to Afghanistan.

Pictures of crowds of people swarming around in the airfield, climbing up aircrafts – and others clinging to the wing of a departing US Military cargo aircraft as it glided down the runway. The images were broadcast on news bulletins all over the globe.

Authorities have not yet scheduled any formal celebrations to commemorate the occasion, however, the state television announced that it would broadcast special programs.

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Taliban fighters were, however, happy that their group was at the helm.

“The moment we arrived in Kabul and the time when the Americans left, were joyous moments,” said Hekmat, currently a part of special forces who guard the palace of the president.

A year of power

Although Afghans acknowledge a reduction in violence since Taliban came to power, a lot of Afghans are still struggling to overcome many obstacles such as rising costs.

“People who visit our stores complain about such price hikes that shopkeepers have begun to feel like we’re a failure,” said Noor Mohammad, an owner of a shop in Kandahar the de facto central powerhouse of the Taliban.

For Taliban fighters However, the excitement of victory can be a distraction from the economic turmoil.

“We may be struggling or we could be in need of help but our white flags of Islam will fly for eternity in Afghanistan” according to the guard of the public place in Kabul.


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