Afghanistan Earthquake Claims Over 2,000 Lives

In a devastating turn of events, Afghanistan has been struck by a series of powerful earthquakes, leading to a tragic loss of life. The death toll from these earthquakes, which occurred late Saturday, has now surpassed a staggering 2,000, with an additional 9,240 individuals reported injured. These numbers are expected to rise as ongoing rescue operations continue in the affected regions.

Initial Reports and Concerns

Initially, the reported death toll was 120, but the reality is far grimmer than anticipated. Deputy government spokesperson Bilal Karimi expressed deep concern over the “practically very high” casualties resulting from the earthquakes. What began as seismic events with a magnitude of 6.3 quickly escalated into a disaster. Eight powerful aftershocks further compounded the devastation, particularly in the area located 30 kilometers northwest of Herat.

Widespread Destruction

The impact of these earthquakes has been catastrophic. Numerous reports indicate that 1,328 houses have been flattened, and these figures are expected to rise as assessments continue. In Herat province alone, more than 600 houses across at least 12 villages have been reported destroyed or partially damaged, affecting 4,200 people, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Tragedy in Sarboland Village

Sarboland village, situated in the Zinda Jan district near the quake’s epicenter, bore the brunt of the disaster. Dozens of homes were reduced to rubble, and residents scrambled to search for survivors amid the debris. Many found themselves waiting in the open, their homes demolished by the tremors. It’s a stark reminder of the sudden and devastating nature of natural disasters.

Rising Toll

The grim toll of destruction continues to mount. One government official confirmed that 1,329 homes were destroyed across the affected regions. The WHO emphasized that the number of casualties is expected to rise further as search and rescue operations remain ongoing.

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Impact on Herat City

Herat city experienced a significant evacuation as residents fled their homes in fear. Schools, hospitals, and offices were emptied as the tremors were felt. Thankfully, there have been fewer reports of casualties in the city, but the psychological impact on the residents is profound.

A Nation in Crisis

These earthquakes come at an already challenging time for Afghanistan. The country is grappling with a dire humanitarian crisis, further exacerbated by the withdrawal of foreign aid following the return of the Taliban to power in 2021. The people of Afghanistan are facing immense hardships, and this natural disaster adds another layer of tragedy to their plight.

As the nation mourns its losses and works to provide aid and support to those affected, the international community must come together to offer assistance and relief to the people of Afghanistan in their time of need.


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