So the Sindh government are following in the steps of the Punjab government who launched various applications to aid the common citizens of the province of Punjab, Furthermore the new application is comes through development by the Karachi city administration and they have also launched an official app to monitor prices for daily commodities, which will in turn be beneficial for the common citizens.

Moreover, the new portal will allow people to look up the official daily prices of household commodities which include common items such as fruit, meat, vegetables, poultry, and grocery before buying they actually go out and buy them.

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Furthermore the application has been named ‘Karachi Price List’ and is available to be downloaded from the Google’s  Play Store, for users who may find it difficult to understand English language the new app supports Urdu and Sindhi languages along with the english language option as well for briefing about the application, Commissioner of Karachi, Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, told media that the app also enables citizens to lodge their complaints against price hikes through the app. He said that the city administration is vigilantly controlling prices across the city and are keen to catch any firms, stores or markets who may change irregular or unlawful prices. He stated that “All deputy commissioners have been asked to make effective measures to properly introducethe application among the masses so that citizens could benefit from it,” he added.

After Punjab, Karachi set to launch app which will monitor market prices

The commissioner further on said that the city administration officers have also been ordered to ensure that the price lists were displayed in shops and other outlets, to further aid the common consumers in the market for household shopping. He assured that they will take immediate action on complaints lodged through the KPL application and will do their absolute best to provide quality service to there citizens. The government is starting to take some real good initiatives for the common people, which will in the long run have really positive effects for the people of Pakistan!


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