AI training program of China aims at talent development. China’s Ministry of Education has launched a five-year Artificial Intelligence talent training program. Under this program, eminent AI experts will train the first 100 teachers and 300 students while exploring an appropriate framework for AI education.

The programme is aim at training of minimum 500 teachers and 5,000 students in the field of AI, at the top universities within the next five years.

Training of teachers and students in AI is aimed at meeting the ever increasing demand for AI experts. Already, in Peking University, the International AI Training Program for Chinese Universities is operating.

Alongside the ministry of Education China, Government, companies, and universities, Sinovation Ventures (Chinese technology investment firm), and Peking University, are participating in the program.

Faculty for this  AI training program includes Turing-Award-winning computer scientist and IBM professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics at Cornell University, John Edward Hopcroft as well as Chinese AI expert Li Kaifu.

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In the first round of training at Peking University, 106 participating teachers in this program will come from 49 universities. The training curriculum includes the latest AI theories and practices as well.

Back in 2017, the State Council of China laid out a national AI strategy aiming at the growth of the country’s core AI industries to a scale of more than 1 trillion Yuan (USD 150 billion), driving related industries to exceed more than 10 trillion Yuan by the next 22 years, means in 2030.

China accounts for more than half of the new AI projects in the world, it has merely 5% of the global AI talent pool, and this new strategy is focused more upon talent development.

Director of the International Cooperation and Exchanges Department at the Ministry of Education, Xu Tao, views that talent shortage has becoming a bottleneck in China’s AI development, though ten Chinese universities have set up AI-related majors, many graduates lack practical operational skills in AI and are not able to meet employers’ requirements.

The Ministry wants to improve the AI discipline systems in universities by establishing AI majors & upgrading AI to a first-level subject.

The Ministry of Education has also plans set for cooperating with American universities, to offer scholarships for students who apply for overseas study. It also aims forming an alliance to boost China-US educational exchanges in AI.

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