Airbags Becoming a Luxury in Already Expensive Vehicles

Airbags Becoming a Luxury in Already Expensive Vehicles

The general population has as of late become very vocal about the helpless security gear being offered in vehicles amassed in Pakistan. Regardless of being estimated above and beyond Rs. 2 million, the Suzuki Swift and the Honda City need airbags, and the airbags in various vehicles are regularly broken. 

With regards to the present circumstance, the Lahore High Court (LHC) had given a request to the Engineering Development Board (EDB) to guarantee that each vehicle fabricated and sold in Pakistan has practical airbags. 

In any case, in spite of the mandate, automakers have kept on selling a few of their models without airbags, which is adding to the danger of lethal or close deadly mishaps. 

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A morning show had welcomed the CEO of the Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) and Chairman of the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (PAMA), Ali Asghar Jamali, as a visitor, and tested him with various hard-hitting addresses that are frequently asked via vehicle purchasers. 

Jamali reacted that Toyota IMC’s whole vehicle arrangement highlights double airbags, 80% of the vehicles in Honda Atlas setup have airbags, and 50 percent of the Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) arrangement has airbags. 

His next inquiry was whether vehicles for under Rs. 1.5 million have airbags, to which he answered that some in the 800 cc and underneath section don’t have the element. 

He was then inquired as to whether the vehicles worth over Rs. 2 million in Pakistan all have airbag, to which he answered “yes there are airbags in vehicles on that value point. You discover an airbag in Suzuki Swift.” 

The Suzuki Swift, and the Honda City, the two of which are amassed in Pakistan and cost above and beyond Rs. 2 million, don’t have any airbag. The two of them are two ages old vehicles that are as yet being sold in Pakistan as pristine, and have not had any upgrades over the previous decade however have had an increment of around 70 to 90 percent in their costs throughout the most recent ten years.


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