In a recent report from DigiTimes, it might be a possibility that we see the Apple Airpods 3 before the year 2019 comes to a halt. Apple’s third generation wireless earbuds will include features like noise cancelling – a feature which will surely see the Airpods go toe to toe with the likes of the Sony WF-SP700N. The recent news has also revealed that both Inventec and Luxshare Precision will go on to be the predominant manufacturers of the Airpods 3.

For now, take the report from DigiTimes with a grain of salt, because not so long ago they had also reported that Airpower would lauch in late March. With that said, an analyst from 9to5Mac reported that he expects Apple to launch two more Airpods at the end of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. One of these will likely have the famed stemmed aesthetic while the other will probably feature with an overhauled design. And while there wasn’t anymore information shared, the rumors do revolve around the possibilities of noise cancelling and water-resistance.

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It is likely that the iterative update will go on to maintain a consistent level of pricing with the Airpods 2 in mind. However, what isn’t clear at the moment is whether the base price will remain at $159 with a $199 bundled option or whether the Q4 2019 Airpodswill be for $159 with the overhauled 2020 model coming in at $199.


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