AirPods 3 aren’t that similar to Airpods Pro after all

AirPods 3

The Apple Airpods 3 were subject to being announced just last month and recently ended up with the process of shipping to those that had actually ordered them. These came with a rather upgraded design, plenty of which then was inspired by the Airpods Pro minus of course the rubber tips. However, while both the Airpods might look really similar when it comes to the outside, the story is actually really different when it comes to the inside.

A YouTube channel specializing in headphones recently took apart the third generation Airpods in order to reveal their innards. The disassembly isn’t exactly an easy job due to the fact that the inside parts of the Airpods are actually glued together. The same holds true the other way around as well of course, making successful reassembly quite a feat then, and also repairs an almost impossible job.

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Each earpiece that is actually present makes way with a skin detection sensor that actually discerns if the Airpods happen to be in the ear and pauses playback when they are removed. This all is actually a first for the Apple family. An FPC cable ends up connecting all of the components together, with a tiny battery also being present between the speaker and the microphone.

As far as the charging case of these new Airpods goes, it now feature with a new set of magnets which are used in order to attach it to the Magsafe charger – something that no Airpods have. The case packs a 345mAh battery along with the aid of a lighting port too and also a logic board. It also has the aid of a graphite thermal pad which helps in the aid to ease heating when the charging process is taking place.


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