After the Airpods 3 were subject to being launched last month, rumors made their way pointing towards the expected launch window for the new high-end Airpods in the Airpods Pro 2 – with the indication for the launch pointing towards Q3 of 2022.

These leaks first made their way in May when it was reported that Apple would release the Airpods Pro 2 with the aid of rather significant updates. A very respected Apple analyst also actually claimed that the model would make way with next year, however, the exact date was not specified.

Just recently though, a rather popular leakster predicated that the tech giant Apple will end up releasing its Airpods Pro 2 in Q3 of next year, and claiming that the information made its way from the supply chain itself. This leak makes its way in an amended form in comparison to the previous tweet from July which ended up claiming that the product would be subject to launch in Q2 of next year.

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It is speculated that the new Airpods Pro 2 will offer the very smart audio performance that we have seen with the current generation, however, it has also been stated at the same time that there will be improved noise cancelation, as well as better battery life, a more rounded shape and also a reduced stem length. It has also been predicted that the case would be of a lighter nature and that the Pods will make way with ambient light sensors as well as the aid of water resistance.

The second generation of that Airpods Pro model is indeed expected to be powered by the Apple H1 chipset, which of course happens to be the very same chipset that is used to power most of the Airpods series of devices, including that of the current generation of Airpods Pro.


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