AirPods Pro update adds Conversion Boost

AirPods Pro Lite
AirPods Pro Lite

Apple has finally taken upon itself to enable the Conversation Boost feature that it had previewed at WWDC which of course was for the sake of second-generation Airpods Pro. A firmware, which carries the version number 4A400 has now been rolled out to the said earphones along with both the Airpods as well as Airpods Max.

For the uninitiated, Conversation Boost actually makes use of beam-forming microphones and has actually been designed in an attempt to help people with mild hearing issues hear dialog better and hence effectively helping these people in staying more connected to conversations. It works via the aid of boosting the volume of a person that is talking in front of you – therefore making face to face conversations all the more audible. It is also joined by an optional feature which has the tendency to reduce ambient noise.

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You can also end up gaining access to sliders via the aid of which you can actually modify various parameters via the aid of amplification, transparency and also the tone of what you hear.

The conversation boost on the AirPods Pro can actually be enabled via the aid of Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and toggling Headphone Accommodation on. Then you will have to turn on both the Transparency mode and also the conversation boost.

If the feature isn’t quite available for you right now, then it is likely that you aren’t updated to firmware 4A400. You can therefore check if the update has in fact been rolled out for you via the aid of General > About. What you will have to do next is to find and tap on the Airpods connected to your device, and hence then check the firmware version. All in all of course, it does seem as a simple enough process and this process can help with your Airpods usability to greater extent.


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